Naizil fabrics are treated with a double layer of fluoridised PVDF resin lacquering on the outside and one layer on the inside with acrylic lacquer. The fabric is calendered using a special technology with a chromed roll depending on the quality of finish and the self-cleaning properties. These lacquerings protect and isolate the layer of PVC from the atmospheric agents and are currently the best protection obtainable with lacquering. High frequency or hot air welding of this material is possible once the 4-5 cm of the edge surface has been smoothed. Fluoridised PVDF resin is one of the most stable and pure resins available on the market. The application of fluoridised PVDF resin on fabrics for tensile and tent structures is ideal for:

• its better resistance to chemical ageing.
• stability to UV and Gamma rays
• excellent tensile and bending mechanical properties.