Phthalates free


The “Phthalate Free” formulation was prepared by Naizil SRL in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering Department of Padua University.
It concerns a plastic-coated PVC formulation that is completely Phthalate-free, as specified by the certificate N. 257/C-bis dated 08/05/2007, issued by the Italian laboratory “CERISIE” (Laboratory for certification and research on elastomer systems) of Milan.

The use of substances belonging to the family of phthalate plasticisers, in the case of the European Union, is not allowed or is restricted in an increasing number of cases, in particular when used in goods intended for contact with food products, in the medical field, in toys and products for children.

For this reason, and for the attention we pay to every toxicological aspect, that could possibly be related to goods of common use, Naizil SRL has created this special “Phthalate Free” formulation